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Keeping IT Systems Safe

Keeping your IT system safe

Given that almost every computer connects to the Internet  it is important that your PC is protected, it is good practice to ensure that:

1) You are using an up to date anti-virus package - ideally not just the definitions but also the "package itself" - i.e. not last year's product with this year's definitions. I strongly recommend Trend Micro's Worry Free Solutions. Jireh Solutions is able to supply versions appropriate for individual users through to Enterprise level. As regards free protection - do bear in mind that you get what you pay for and the free solutions are only ever licensed for non-commercial use...

2) You have a firewall installed. All versions of Windows since XP Service Pack 2 have a firewall included. Whilst most security products include their own firewall and all Internet routers do too, you should be vigilant when connecting to public networks and wireless hotspots - making sure that your firewall is on.

3) You have the latest service packs and hot fixes from Microsoft at If you have not already upgraded to Microsoft Update then do use the link on this page to get the update. This enhances the number of Microsoft products updated and is well worthwhile.

If you know or suspect that you have an infection

There are a number of free tools that will identify and attempt to fix such problems. Unfortunately there is  a far greater number of tools that are actually part of the problem and not the solution. With this in mind I suggest the following course of action:

1) Download MalwareBytes from (use a memory stick or burn a CD if the infected PC can't connect to the Internet)

2) Install MalwareBytes and Update it if you can connect to the Internet

3) Reboot in Safe Mode (pressing F8 at start-up) and run a Full Scan

4) Repeat step 3 until no problems are found

The above method will not work on every occasion but is well worth trying. In any event do then contact Jireh Solutions to get some good protection that should stop this happening again or to clean up your machine if MalwareBytes was ineffective.

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